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Fuck the Moneycracy we live in!

The year 1993 is where it all began. Following the destructive rise of thrash-metal during the 80ies, the Belgian metal scene was coping with the dissolution of its local figurehead Cyclone, which had been sharing stages with Metallica, Metal Church, Overkill and Anthrax.

Labels like Justice Records had released Cyclone’s ‘Inferior To None’ or Decadence’s ‘Gangs And Victims’, but couldn’t hold up to the international fame and distribution of Roadrunner Records. That’s when guitarist Didier Vancoppenolle (ex-Brain Cancer and Necrosis) and drummer Bart Brion (ex-Decadence) decided to join forces, writing their first songs, embracing a unique blend of groovish thrash-metal with hard-core elements.

The band then reached its first complete line-up with Kalle Vanlint (ex-Cyclone & Decadence) on guitars, bassist Alain Fabry (ex-Necrosis), and Serge Van Bossele on vocals.

After a series of live performances in Brussels’ local pubs and bars, the band would be recording ‘Alone’ and ‘Angry’, their first two demos, joined by Pascal Haneuse on drums, followed by Didier Meeus on vocals. During the late 90ies the band undergoes another line-up change as Jamal Obeidat alias Aladin would replace Pascal Haneuse, giving the music an even more fluid and bouncy groove, in contrast to the more straightforward traditional thrash or hard-core styles.

Trouble Agency then releases a first studio demo called ‘Bite Into Life’ (2002), which was recorded and produced by Xavier Carrion (ex-Cyclone & Channel Zero). It was released a few days before their first big stage experience as co-liners of the Norwegian black metal band Immortal in La Loco in Paris.

During early 2003 Kalle Vanlint quits lead guitars and is replaced by Larry Van De Rostyne (ex-Brain Cancer, Decadence). As a former founder of Decadence he would greatly contribute to melodic arrangements and progressive solos, adding more classical and bluesy stylings to the band’s musical spectrum.

The band's first studio album ‘Moneycracy’ (2006) would definitely set the bar for more refined and diversified songs, nearing a more FM-like thrash-metal, which would grant them opportunities to share stages with bands like Exodus, Six Feet Under, Anvil, Hypocrisy, Macabre and Destruction.

After the departure of Jamal Obeidat during late 2008, the band would decide to record a totally self-produced demo, during which it would progressively lose a part of its elder line-up mainly due to disagreements on the band’s future and musical choices. It nevertheless wouldn’t prevent them from releasing ‘The Last Shot’ (2011) as a three-piece (Didier Vancoppenolle on rhythm guitars & vocals; Larry Van De Rostyne on lead guitars & bass; François De Bock on drums). The Last Shot is a testimony of this darker period in the band’s musical career.

Trouble Agency is now back with a full line-up and proud to welcome
Kevin Nolis on vocals and Simon Mouawad on bass.

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Trouble Agency is:

Didier Vancoppenolle - Rhythm Guitars & Backing Vocals
François De Bock - Drums & Backing Vocals
Larry Van De Rostyne - Lead guitars
Simon Mouawad - Bass
Kevin Nolis - Vocals

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